The Billing service is a service NAPAS provides to enterprises/service providers to allow customers having bank accounts to conduct payment for goods/ public utility charges and bills (such as telecommunication, Internet, cable television, insurance, consumer loan, and other services) everytime and everywhere through the following payment facilities and transaction channels of member banks/organizations connected to NAPAS.

Payment facilities

  • Card/account (bank)
  • E-wallet account (merchant)
  • Cash at transaction counterh

Transaction channels

  • Internet Banking/Kiosk Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Transaction counter
  • Mobile applications

Benefits the Service provides to service providers

  • The service provides many modern payment services, increasing convenience for customers having bank accounts of enterprises.
  • The service enables quick access to many banks and merchants for service implementation based on NAPAS’s available connection with more than 40 member banks.
  • The service provides a great number of transaction channels and diversified payment options based on overall solutions.

List of partners

List of partner banks ​​

List of service providers
  • MobiFone: postpaid mobile phone charges.
  • Viettel: postpaid mobile phone, fixed wireless home phone, Internet ADSL charges
  • VinaPhone: postpaid mobile phone charges.
  • VNPT Ho Chi Minh City: fixed home phone, MegaVnn, Mytv charges
  • VNPT Ha Noi: fixed home phone, MegaVnn, Myty charges
  • SST – Saigon South Telephone Center: fixed home phone, ADSL charges
  • STC –SPT Telephone Center: fixed home phone, ADSL charges
  • VTVCab: Vietnam Cable Television charges
  • Vietnam Cable Television VTVCab
  • PruFinance: loan payment
  • PTI: insurance premium payment


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