On 5th of November 2018, State bank of Vietnam (SBV) officially published 10 local Specifications (TCCS) contenting technical requirements for domestic chip payment card of Vietnam. 

For the convenience of deploying with member banks, as well as related products and services suppliers, NAPAS has inherited the TCCS of the SBV and issued the local VCCS Specification for chip card of NAPAS (VCCS Specification). The VCCS Specification issued by the NAPAS is fully compliant with the SBV's TCCS and added technical requirements so that the member banks / card vendors / card acceptance device vendors can deploy specific products​. ​​

List of VCCS Specifications

​ ​
Type No. Document name Version Published
Specifications1VCCS Dual Interface Specifications for Issuers and Acquirers1.012/2018
2Technical Specification on NAPAS connectivity1.012/2018
3VCCS Contactless Reader1.012/2018
Profiles5VCCS Contact Card Issuance Profile1.012/2018
6VCCS Contact Terminal Profile1.012/2018
7VCCS Dual Interface Card Issuance Profile1.012/2018
8VCCS Dual Interface Terminal Profile1.012/2018
Manual Guide    9VCCS Contact Card Personalization Guide1.012/2018
10VCCS Dual Interface Card Personalization Guide1.012/2018
11VCCS Issuer & Acquirer Implementation Guide1.012/2018
NAPAS VCCS CA documents12NAPAS VCCS CA Specification1.012/2018
13Regulations on NAPAS VCCS CA1.012/2018


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