The Billing service allows customers having cards or accounts opened at service participating NAPAS members to make payment for goods/services/public utility and bills (such as telecommunication, Internet, cable television, insurance, consumer loan, and other services) at everytime and from everywhere through different payment methods and multi-channels of banksmerchant:

Payment methods

  • Card/account (bank)
  • E-wallet account (merchant)
  • Cash (at counter)


  • Internet Banking/Kiosk Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Counter
  • Mobile applications
Customer Bank NAPAS system Service Provider
- Customer makes transaction on Bank’s channel
- Transaction is sent to NAPAS for information enquiry and payment
- NAPAS sends transaction to Service Provider for processing

Benefits for participating banks/organizations

  • Increase convenience for customers (cardholders, account holders).
  • Connect with a great number of service providers in various areas such as telecommunication, television, insurance, Internet, airticketing, railway ticketing, and many other services.
  • Increase member’s revenue.

List of partners

List of service providers

  •  MobiFone: postpaid mobile phone charges.
  • Viettel: Viettel: postpaid mobile phone, fixed wireless home phone, Internet ADSL charges
  • VinaPhone: postpaid mobile phone charges.
  • VNPT Ho Chi Minh City: fixed home phone, MegaVnn, Mytv charges
  • VNPT Ha Noi: fixed home phone, MegaVnn, Myty charges
  • SST - Saigon South Telephone Center: fixed home phone, ADSL charges
  • STC – STC – SPT Telephone Center: fixed home phone, ADSL charges
  • VTVCab: Truyền hình cáp Việt Nam
  • VTVCab: Vietnam Cable Television charges
  • Shinhan Finance: Loan payment
  • PTI: insurance premium payment


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